sudol body toner gel

Sudol Body Toner Gel – Top Breast Enlargement Supplement

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Product Description

Sudol Body Toner  Gel – Top Breast Enlargement Supplement


Gorgeous looks, beautiful features and a bright skin are the symbols of attraction for a young lady or a woman but fit, attractive, well grown and proper sized curves are more important than anything. The above individuality is the only attraction of magnificence and sign of pride for any woman or the femaleness.

Sometimes wedded women’s BREATS becomes shapeless, baggy and non-graceful due to breast feeding and due to the lack of proper care, essential vitamins and minerals in the postnatal conditions.

In the lack of suitable expansion of their curves the women lose their good looks. In the unusual formulation of specific Ayurvedic and rare Herbs Body Toner Gel, Sudol has brought new hopes, enthusiasm and zeal in the lives of several young ladies and women who otherwise were facing man’s disregard, feeling inferiority complex and were frustrated due to underdeveloped and shapeless curves.
How to Use?:
Apply Sudol on both of your curves appropriately and massage them softly from downward to upward direction and in circular movement for five minutes. After that wear a tight bra for at least an hour. This period can be extended if you wish so.

Sudol Body Toner Gel is a complete Ayurvedic preparation from rare Herbs which is completely harmless on your skin & body.

For best results, use Sudol Body Toner Capsules alongwith Sudol Body Toner Gel.


Sudol Body Toner Gel gives your shapeless curves the correct size and makes them healthy & attractive so that you can be proud of them.


Use Ingredients – Each 100gm contains


  • Mustard Oil 6.7%
  • Carbopol 0.8%
  • Glycerin 0.8%
  • NaOH 0.2%
  • SMP 0.2%
  • Phenoxyethanol 0.15%
  • Anarchilka 0.086%
  • Majuphal 0.043%
  • Babool 0.026%
  • Kundru 0.02%
  • Kanthkari 0.02%
  • Gambhari 0.02%
  • Mochras 0.01%
  • Base Q.S


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