Pjur: My Glide – Arousing warming lubricant for her 30 ml


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Pjur: My Glide – Arousing warming lubricant for her 30 ml

Pjur Myglide, the water-based lubricant is particularly developed to excite, arouse, and stimulate the female body. This inspiring and warming lubricant increases compassion and exceeds the pleasures of love making. It sends a wonderful tingly and warming feeling through the body, leaving it asking for more.

Its key ingredient, Ginseng has long been a staple in sexual prowess – People have been taking ginseng to increase their performance and energy levels for several years.

Ginseng also has topical properties, enhancing blood flow in a localized spot on your body. These properties are utilized with the Pjur My Glide stimulating and warming water based lubricant. Simply add a bit to your favorite toy for increased gliding abilities, or while copulating with your partner for additional lubricated penetrating abilities. It has been dermatological tested, and is safe for daily use.

Made in Germany

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